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Reenacting is an odd hobby. No two ways about that. "Hey, my life isn't nearly difficult enough. I know, I'll dress up as someone in the past who had it much worse!" As I say, an odd hobby. Never the less, it is one on my hobbies and this page is the place I will try to place useful stuff for those interested in reenacting. For more thought on the hobby, see my articles page.

Reenacting Resources

First place I go for directions to a distant event. I find this site remarkably useful.

The Yahoo Weather

Give it the city or zip code and viola! Instant weather report. Probably about as reliable as the one you get at home, be careful!

Colonial Fonts Information

A good article from the Font FAQ on Colonial fonts.

Walden Fonts
The fonts I use for a Colonial look. Very nice, and reasonably priced.

Bob Sullivan's Drill Tips
An excellent article on military drill for reenactors. Just because we are hobbiests does not mean we should be awful.

Camp Chase Gazette

A great magazine for Civil War reenactors. Very good event listings.

Jonah World
A good place to read an insiders guide to reenacting. Mostly American Civil War, very funny stuff even if you do not reenact the Civil War.

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Reenacting Units

First Maryland Regiment of the Continental Line, 1780

My primary unit. A good even keeled unit. Line Infantry only. Site has been recently updated and is well worth a look.

64th Regiment

A unit representing the 64th Regiment of Foot, a British unit serving in the American Revolution. Good looking unit, and nice folks.

24th Connecticut, Revolutionary War

New Englanders! Good guys in spite of it.

1rst Virginia, Revolutionary War
A big unit with Line, Artillery, and a mob of riflemen too.

2nd North Carolina, Revolutionary War

A great unit reenacting line infantry of the American Revolution.

2nd South Carolina Regiment

An excellent unit of reenacted light infantry of the American Revolution. Great unit with a great attitude.

Northwest Territory Alliance

Revolutionary war reenactors in the mid-west. Site has some very good resources on it.

The Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia

Got my start in reenacting here in 1979 or so. Good folks, but a little scattered in focus. Some very good reenactors among quite a few folks I would classify as "other".

The Civil War Reenactor's Site
A good starting resource site for those looking for information on reenacting the American Civil War.

Reenactors Page
Another site for general US Civil War resources. Lots of good event info and wrap ups. is a good general purpose site to look for units of all periods.

UK Units

A good site for reenactors in the United Kingdom. A wide variety of periods reenacted.

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Schedules of Events

First Maryland's Events, American Revolution

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Warning: Always check the accuracy of an item before you buy it. Find someone experienced to check with or do your own research. This will save you much money and embarassment over the years. No sutler is perfect, you must be careful!

Avalon Forge (Email Address)

Misc. camp supplys and personal gear. John White is a long time reenactor and a good guy. (and he is in the First Maryland so he gets a free plug for hooking me on the unit!)

Jas. Townsend & Son
If you want to be ultra-hardcore, shop elsewhere for your clothes, otherwise friendly folks who have a broad selection of Rev. War and Colonial clothing and gear. Best sutler web site I have seen.

G. Gedney Godwin
Excellent gear at a premium price. Their catalog was a great resource when I started reenacting Rev. War in the eighties.

Sullivan Press
Publishers of period books, document kits, and reference works. Most are done in appropriate period style. A valuable company to reenactors of early American history.

Burnley and Trowbridge Co.
108 Druid Drive
Williamsburg, Va. 23185
(757) 253-1644
Fabric sales. A great resource at very fair prices.

Catalano Bootmaker
P.O. Box 39
Farmington, Pa. 15437
Call Joe 724-329-4971
Shoes that fit, last, are comfortable. The bad news is the wait, approaching a year. Well worth waiting for.

Hamilton Dry Goods
Nice folks with a good web site, they do play music when you load the page if you browser supports it. I hate that, but some love it, hope you like 'Rocky Top'.

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