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History (or Bunk)

History as a topic is unimaginably vast.  I like that.  That means this page can never run out of things to talk about.  As a rule, this page will link to things I am reading about myself, currently  eighteenth and early nineteenth century century military history. The links and resources will not be restricted to this narrow range however.

History Resources

Publications, Bookstores, Mailing Lists, Etc.

Amazon Books

Amazon Books is huge and unwieldy. It is not nearly as much fun to browse in as a real bookstore. It is a very valuable resource none the less, and I use it regularly.

Dan Joyce, Bookseller

Specializing in the American Revolutionary War. A great selection.

Revolutionary War Mailing List

Mostly aimed at Reenactors. Still a very good source for Revolutionary War information.

H-War Mailing List

Aimed at the academic world. Mostly World War Two and recent military history, but frequent side trips into earlier periods.

Early American Review

Interesting articles on colonial early American history.


Documents and Resources Sites

Library of Congress

The Mothership. So much good stuff, so little time.

Warfare In The Ancient World Site

A great site with resources on warfare in the "ancient" period.  Pre-Medieval is something I have neglected over the years, it seemed pretty stuffy stuff when I was younger.  I am sorry I didn't do more with it.  Good stuff.

Jeruselem in the Crusader Period

I am doing a fair bit of reading on the Crusades.   Interesting reflection on modern conflicts.

The Gunpowder Plot

The English go for weird holidays, between "Bank Holidays" and Guy Fawke's Day you have to wonder.

Eighteenth Century Resources Site

This is a great link site. I can waste many hours wandering from here.

Voice of the Shuttle History Page

Another great link site, more broadly targeted to all of history. Really good stuff.

Deciphering Old Handwriting

A good article on reading old documents. I can bearly read my own handwriting let alone someone else's, but this is really helpful.

The Napoleonic War Series

Some good stuff on the late 18th and early 19th century.  The logistics of this period fascinate me. I am amazed at the things the people in the armies of this period accomplished given the tools they had to work with.

Drums Along The Mohawk

This is a nice American Revolution on the western frontier site.   Hard to believe that used to mean New York!

Historical Sites

United States Of America

Colonial Williamsburg

A great place to visit for American Colonial history.   Always a pleasure to visit any time of the year. Not cheap, but worth every penny.


The best laid out battlefield I have ever toured.   Plenty of tourist traps nearby to catch the unwary. Still the National Park Service has done a great job of making the site really understandable to non-experts.

Fort Frederick

A pleasant little state park in Maryland.  The fort dates to the French and Indian War period and is well rebuilt.  Walking on the C&O canal in the early morning from the park is really nice.  Lots of wildlife.

Pearl Harbor - Arizona Memorial

I grew up in Hawaii just up the hill from Pearl Harbor.  My father was in the Air Force so my friends and I would take the ferry to Ford Island and spend the day playing. We would sit sometimes on the island and look at the Arizona in awe.

World Wide


The only site on the page I haven't been to yet. I do want to get there someday. What a horrible night it must have been after the battle.


Really neat little site in York (Jorvik). Very popular but worth the look. To an American, it seems like such an unthinkably long time ago.

Tower Of London

Truly amazing armor museum. They have it all, the site is reeking with history. Again though, very popular with other tourists. Try to get in early or off season if you can.

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